A smarter way to manage your real estate portfolio

Improve the way you oversee the buying, selling and holding of your real estate loans. ActiveEstate is a powerful portfolio management tool that will deliver an immediate impact to the organizational productivity of your team.

You’ll no longer be tied up in lengthy disposals or complex reporting. Instead, ActiveEstate presents a new, friction-free way to see which assets need your attention, so you can shape your real estate outlook accordingly.

If you’re losing time to inefficient workflows and are lacking clarity around your assets, then you’ll struggle to make good decisions on large sets of loans.  ActiveEstate is a breath of fresh air, bringing clarity and strategy to your day-to-day decisions – whether you should hold the loan, sell it to someone else or repossess and sell the property.

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Simplified portfolio management

Efficiently manage your real estate portfolio, from day-to-day tasks to reporting and analytics. You and your teams can benefit from workflows, workstreams, lifecycle stages and notifications, all in one centralized place.

Bespoke business intelligence dashboards

Access real-time reporting for a clear and analytical view of your portfolio, increasing visibility for your stakeholders and reducing repetitive, onerous tasks. Understand the value and status of assets, identity issues and easily provide information to multiple stakeholders.

Out of the box workflows

Through our extensive real estate expertise, we’ve created efficient workflows that are easy to implement with your existing processes. ActiveEstate presents a smart and straightforward way to onboard portfolios, evaluate assets, and dispose of them.

Key benefits

Manage the real estate asset lifecycle in an efficient and friction-free way

Maximized asset returns

Increase portfolio value by taking a disciplined and structured approach to managing your portfolio, maximizing asset returns inline with your acquisition and disposal strategies.

Frictionless governance

Develop a frictionless process by eliminating bottlenecks and meeting regulatory requirements without incurring costly mistakes.

Improved productivity

Collaborate on the platform together with third-party valuers. Carefully guide users on the next step in the process with alerts, creating an efficient real estate lifecycle.

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