Intuitive asset management for commercial real estate

AssetDynamics is a powerful tool for asset managers who are looking to modernize and streamline their approach to property management, and achieve optimum value from their portfolio.

Manage your large commercial assets with profitability and occupancy as a priority. Financial management and reporting features, lease expiry notifications and easy maintenance scheduling mean that you can stay on top of the crucial aspect of asset management, and make good decisions for greater outcomes.

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A holistic view of tenants and leases

A 360-degree view of tenancies and leases keeps you on top of important dates and details. Receive automated alerts when renewals are approaching or a lease is coming to an end, and understand all aspects of your tenancies, including agreements and overall occupancy.

Financial management and reporting

AssetDynamics’ easy to use forecasting, financial management and reporting brings a significantly clearer way to understand your revenue and aggregated cashflow. You can also compare your annual figures and net profitability with CapEx and OpEx tracking.

Administrative task scheduling

Improve your efficiency by setting up scheduled and recurring tasks for vital administrative items that you don’t want to miss, including filing the property registration details or tax documents, upcoming inspections and property maintenance reminders.

Key benefits

Keep track of your assets, from break options to cashflow and stacking plans

Optimized management

Stay on top of complex lease arrangements with built-in analytics and automation. Take action on expiring leases or break options that need attention and may affect your bottom line.

Make better decisions

Understand and predict your cashflow with powerful  reporting. Easily keep track of your KPIs such as revenue forecasts, rental income and profitability, year on year.

Maximize asset returns

Visualize how much space is leased using a tenancy stacking plan, and see what you need to do to improve occupancy and maximize your assets’ returns.

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