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SaaS solutions for a new approach to the real estate lifecycle

Harness the power of artificial intelligence

Our proposition is simple. We build the tools and connect you with the data that you need to manage and understand your real estate portfolios.

Asset managers can spend up to 80% of their time gathering data just to make it ready for analysis. There is another way. Our products challenge the traditional model, prioritizing efficiency and clarity for analytics, investment, lending, data collection and more.

DataScout, ActiveEstate and AssetDynamics are powerful tools that will streamline your workflow, increase your efficiency, and broaden your view of data across your entire real estate portfolios and workouts.

Covering the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition and onboarding to operation and disposal, our solutions offer a pragmatic approach to real estate investment. Begin by enriching and cleansing your data with DataScout, before using ActiveEstate to manage your portfolio, alongside AssetDynamics if you manage large, commercial assets.


Data-driven real estate insights fuelled by AI technology

Begin by gaining insight into real estate markets and make informed decisions based on the potential value of assets. Improve the quality of your data and drive profitable outcomes as you begin to manage your portfolio.

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A smarter way to manage your real estate portfolio

Now as you onboard your portfolio, you can drive organizational productivity with nimble workflows, efficient processes and dynamic dashboards. Streamline your projects and simplify the overall management of your real estate assets.

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Intuitive asset management for commercial real estate

Operating large commercial assets? Manage them and ensure their profitability and occupancy with AssetDynamics. Get a clear view of upcoming actions and decisions through automated alerts and notifications.

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