Data driven real estate insights, fuelled by AI technology

DataScout offers insight into the real estate markets and the performance of individual assets. For anyone with exposure to the real estate sector, you can create strategies to optimize the value of all the assets in your portfolio.

By improving the quality of your data through data extraction, remediation and enrichment, you can make better decisions and gain deeper insight into your portfolio. Higher accuracy across all of your asset data enables more profitable outcomes.

With DataScout’s analysis of real estate value and market trends, you can differentiate your products for financing, development planning and carbon-neutral strategy.

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Data extraction and remediation

DataScout takes asset data from any available documents, images and files, extracting and analyzing the content using NLP (natural language processing) and proprietary AI methodologies. Our models are pre-trained, pinpointing key information commonly found in real estate and loan documentation, in many languages.

DataScout processes the raw information, formats, standardizes, and structures it into a reliable, comprehensive Asset Registry to use in due diligence, further analysis and reporting.

Data enrichment and analysis

Basic, clean data is the starting point to truly understand each asset, and whole portfolios. DataScout offers a range of enrichment options to increase understanding and support your day-to-day decision making.

DataScout has acquired a wealth of real estate data from exclusive private sources, constantly updated, by continually scanning for facts which influence real estate markets.

Our insights include real estate transactions, auction results, locality data, and many public sources including real estate websites, land registry and government agencies.

Our proprietary image recognition technology can determine additional property details or attributes such as property type, occupancy, age and condition.

Insights and predictions

The power of DataScout is in its insight and prediction capabilities. You can outperform your competitors by knowing more when you make your decisions.

DataScout uses AI, computer vision and proprietary analytics to create value added insights for each asset.

At the core of understanding is an asset’s value. DataScout has a sophisticated automated valuation (AVM) and liquidity model driven by its deep resource of market comparables, rent rates, auction results, transactions and local market dynamics.

Knowing value and liquidity helps identify the ideal target market for any asset, maximizing returns.

Key benefits

Maximize return on non-performing portfolios and create winning strategies

Unlock value in your data

Monetise your assets and speed up turnaround by reducing the cost and time involved in manual extraction and remediation for large-scale data documents and data tapes.

More intel, less risk

Remove guesswork and uncertainty by acquiring and refining data, and gain a more accurate, reliable understanding of your existing or prospective investments.

Shorten your time to sell

Make your portfolio more attractive to buyers with full data transparency, helping to narrow the bid-ask gap.

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