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Recognyte is a compelling combination of deep expertise in real estate management and a comprehensive understanding of the power of data. Together, this has enabled us to build technology which can radically transform how you work and collaborate.

We understand that intuitive platforms, advanced analytics and streamlined workflows are critical to your success. Our solutions deliver this. We can help you onboard, manage and grow your real estate portfolio and improve your decision making process through insightful data and powerful AI.

A high performance SaaS suite built for success

Perhaps you’re used to ever-growing spreadsheets or the inefficiencies of data collection and validation. It doesn’t have to be this way.

ActiveEstate, AssetDynamics and DataScout are proven technologies that enhance your workflow, intelligence and profitability wherever you are in the real estate lifecycle.

Born as a data and technology partner to Resolute Asset Management, Recognyte solutions are built from many years of real estate know-how and financial experience.

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Whether you’re managing portfolios, making strategic decisions around assets, or looking for increased realized value, our three solutions are suited to all real estate professionals.

Never miss an alert, stay up to date with market conditions, and finally, trust in your data. Talk to us about your project, workflow and process. Book a consultation with a solution expert today.

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Step up your real estate intelligence with an all-in-one solution that brings insight and performance to your portfolio. Discover the incredible power of Recognyte.

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