10 Mar 2023Recognyte

REInvest Greece has chosen Recognyte to scale up its real estate business in Greece.

REInvest Greek Real Estate Services Business Identifies Recognyte as its Partner for Real Estate Data Remediation and Enrichment

REInvest is a Greek real estate and property services business applying its knowledge of the local property market to deliver a client-centric service throughout Greece. Part of the Resolute Asset Management group of companies, REInvest offers valuation, technical, and agency services to retail clients and corporate and institutional investors. Currently, Recognyte operates across the UK and Europe, with deep expertise and experience in real estate that is trusted by a growing number of financial services providers including Banca IFIS, PIMCO, Bank of Cyprus, and Cepal.

REInvest has determined that their vision and growth plans for 2023 will be best met through partnering with Recognyte for its reputation and experience in providing high quality, clean real estate data.

“Clean data is the starting point to understanding and monetising each property in a portfolio”, said John Macdonald, CEO Recognyte. “Efficiently handling and validating large volumes of real estate data is critical and can be overwhelming if processing data manually. Our technology streamlines real estate data cleansing and enrichment processes, cuts operational costs, and delivers a better experience. As such, we are pleased to be working with and supporting REInvest on their journey”. 

“REInvest has chosen Recognyte specifically for scaling up its valuation business in Greece. REInvest has adopted an ambitious vision for growth in 2023 and that requires accurate real estate data, delivered efficiently,” said Richard Henshall, CEO, REInvest. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Recognyte, a company that has consistently demonstrated its expertise in technology for data cleansing and enrichment. Their platform will complement our growing business perfectly.”  

Recognyte is rapidly becoming a key player in southern Europe where the company and their solutions have led to positive outcomes for numerous financial institutions and property management firms across the continent. On average, the Recognyte platform has afforded professional real estate management firms and institutions significant time savings when compared to the use of manual processes for NPL and performing loans portfolio servicing and management. DataScout, the firm’s premier platform for data extraction, remediation and enrichment, has reduced the amount of time typically spent in these efforts down from 1-3 months to as little as 5-8 days, on average. Higher accuracy across asset data has also enabled greater profitability, as a result. 

Overall, Recognyte aims to be the leading Proptech company and reliable source for real estate data, analytics, and business optimization solutions across the real estate lifecycle. At a time when economic volatility and geo-political tensions go hand-in-hand to destabilise property values and increase data complexity, Recognyte is able to step in and provide a remarkably efficient technology solution. Comprehensively, the platform helps firms adopt best practice guidelines across the entire real estate life cycle, all while maximising asset returns with minimum effort. 


About Recognyte

Recognyte helps banks, investors and owners maximise visibility, value and efficiency across real estate, through unmatched AI technology. From data intelligence to portfolio and asset management, Recognyte removes uncertainty from the entire real estate lifecycle, to achieve higher recoveries, improved NOI and better asset utilisation. Recognyte operates across the UK and Europe, with deep expertise and experience that is trusted by a growing number of financial services providers including Banca IFIS, PIMCO, Bank of Cyprus, and Cepal. 

Website: https://www.recognyte.com

About REInvest

REInvest Greece is a specialised real estate agency and property services business for institutional clients in Greece. Services include sales & leasing, property management, facilities management, technical services and valuations, with a particular focus on large granular asset portfolios. 

Website: https://www.reinvest.gr